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Welcome to our world of excitement, happiness, love and joy as we learn the Bible!

Kiddies LoveWorld, an arm of the LoveWorld Publishing Ministry, distributes, amazing hands-on children’s materials that teaches children the word of God in a fun and exciting way. Unlocking their imagination as they go through the fun, colourful and engaging illustrations depicting great stories from the Bible.  😀

We are enthusiastic about teaching children sound biblical doctrines in an appealing and engaging way; communicating God’s Love for them in in small bites that they would easily understand and internalize. Children need to know that God loves them and wants to be their friend and our range of colourful and beautifully illustrated stories, sing along animations, games and much more will endear them to the wonderful personality of our Lord Jesus Christ. 🤗

Enter our world of excitement, fun and enjoyment as we learn about the Bible. 😁

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Prayer Prep Class (#13)