Children’s Day Celebration In Nations

The Children’s Day is a major platform that will avail more opportunities to reach children en-mass in all the nations of the world. Children’s Day is marked in over 145 countries with varying dates.

Also, some countries mark Child’s Right Day, Girls’ Day, Children’s Labour Day

Each country will adopt the day Children’s Day is marked in their countries to have their outreaches and en-mass distribution of Rhapsody of Realities for Kids and Rhapsody of Realities for Early Readers in all formats: print, digital and animation formats. However, where a country does not mark Children’s Day, May 27 may be adopted or any convenient
day of their choosing.

To organise Children’s Day in your nation, here are the steps to consider:
1. Identify the day Children’s Day is marked in your country
2. Map out the strategy to adopt for your Children’s Day. It could organise school penetration, street and neighbourhood distributions, celebration party, etc.
3. Know the number of children you would like to reach
4. Make sure the Rhapsody of Realities are available for distribution
5. Make sure you distribution does not end after the Children’s Day, plan for a continuous distribution.

The Word of God is spreading, reaching every child as the waters cover the seas through the
Reachout World Yes to Kids Campaign.

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