Ilona – the Lioness of Zion


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Ilona the Lioness of Zion has a magnetic effect from the opening page. Suspense filled, inspiring and funny, it is a captivating read from the first page to the last.

The winter of 1917, in the heart of Queensbury where many are affected by the First World War and an epidermic, Ilona Brokovich must come to terms with the difficulties that confront her and trust in the God she supposes is doing nothing about the misfortune in Queensbury.

It is the summer of 2010 in the same town; fifteen- year old Ann McClarkson struggles with believing in a God who allows wars, tsunamis and earthquakes; she wonders what He is doing about these troubles. Two young ladies, in two different generations, but one little town, query the God presented to them as the One who lives in Zion.

Does God answer their queries? Is He really the God who lives in Zion? Can the life in Zion transform Queensbury and change a troubled and dying world from generation to generation.

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